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Claes Thelander

Claes Thelander

Associate Professor

Claes Thelander

InAs nanowire GAA n-MOSFETs with 12-15 nm diameter


  • T. Vasen
  • P. Ramvall
  • A. Afzalian
  • C. Thelander
  • K. A. Dick
  • M. Holland
  • G. Doornbos
  • S. W. Wang
  • R. Oxland
  • G. Vellianitis
  • M. J H Van Dal
  • B. Duriez
  • J. R. Ramirez
  • R. Droopad
  • L. E. Wernersson
  • L. Samuelson
  • T. K. Chen
  • Y. C. Yeo
  • M. Passlack

Summary, in English

InAs nanowires (NW) grown by MOCVD with diameter d as small as 10 nm and gate-All-Around (GAA) MOSFETs with d = 12-15 nm are demonstrated. Ion = 314 μA/μm, and Ssat =68 mV/dec was achieved at Vdd = 0.5 V (Ioff = 0.1 μA/μm). Highest gm measured is 2693 μS/μm. Device performance is enabled by small diameter and optimized high-k/InAs gate stack process. Device performance tradeoffs between gm, Ron, and Imin are discussed.


  • Solid State Physics
  • Centre for Analysis and Synthesis
  • Department of Electrical and Information Technology
  • NanoLund: Center for Nanoscience

Publishing year





2016 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology, VLSI Technology 2016



Document type

Conference paper


IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.


  • Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering
  • Condensed Matter Physics

Conference name

36th IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology, VLSI Technology 2016

Conference date

2016-06-13 - 2016-06-16

Conference place

Honolulu, United States




  • ISBN: 9781509006373