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Robin Sjökvist

Doctoral student

+46 76 100 90 23

robin [dot] sjokvist [at] chem [dot] lu [dot] se

Doctoral student

+46 46 222 38 94

giuseppe [dot] abbondanza [at] sljus [dot] lu [dot] se


mohamed [dot] abdellah [at] chemphys [dot] lu [dot] se
Portrait of Kristi Adham

Doctoral student

+46 46 222 44 95

kristi [dot] adham [at] ftf [dot] lth [dot] se

Doctoral student

+46 46 222 15 03

johan [dot] agorelius [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se
Portrait of David alcer

Doctoral student

+46 46 222 43 68

david [dot] alcer [at] ftf [dot] lth [dot] se
Portrait of Anna-Karin Alm
anna-karin [dot] alm [at] ftf [dot] lth [dot] se

Doctoral student

mohammed [dot] alqedra [at] fysik [dot] lth [dot] se

Doctoral student

+46 46 222 39 32

malin [dot] alsved [at] design [dot] lth [dot] se
Portrait of Anastasiia Anastassis

Research administrator

+46 46 222 36 93, +46 73 045 81 12

anastasiia [dot] anastasis [at] ftf [dot] lth [dot] se