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Portrait of Erik Lind; Photo: Kennet Ruona

Erik Lind

Professor, Coordinator Nanoelectronics & Nanophotonics

Portrait of Erik Lind; Photo: Kennet Ruona

Wrap-gated InAs nanowire field-effect transistor


  • Lars-Erik Wernersson
  • Tomas Bryllert
  • Erik Lind
  • Lars Samuelson

Summary, in English

Field-effect transistors (FETs) based on semiconductor nanowires (Bryllert et al., 2005) have the potential to improve certain aspects of existing planar FET technologies. The possibility to form wrap-gates gives an efficient gate coupling resulting in reduced drain-induced barrier lowering. Furthermore, lateral strain relaxation allows a new freedom in combining materials in heterostructures, where materials with different lattice constants can be combined without defects (Bjork et al., 2002). Since the transistor channel, unlike the planar FETs, is vertical, heterostructures may be used to tailor the bandstructure along the direction of current flow. In this paper, we demonstrate a new technology to fabricate vertical nanowire FETs in a process that almost exclusively relies on optical lithography and standard III-V processing techniques. We measure encouraging electrical data, including current saturation at V<sub>ds</sub> ≡ 0.15 V (for V<sub>g</sub> ≡ 0 V) and low voltage operation V<sub>th</sub> ≡ -0.15 V, and present opportunities to improve the device performance by heterostructure design


  • Solid State Physics
  • Department of Electrical and Information Technology

Publishing year







International Electron Devices Meeting 2005

Document type

Conference paper


IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.


  • Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering
  • Condensed Matter Physics


  • optical lithography
  • lattice constants
  • 0.15 V
  • InAs
  • heterostructures design
  • lateral strain relaxation
  • drain induced barrier lowering
  • gate coupling
  • semiconductor nanowires
  • wrap gated nanowire
  • field effect transistor

Conference name

International Electron Devices Meeting 2005

Conference date

2005-12-05 - 2005-12-07

Conference place

Washington, DC, United States




  • ISBN: 0-7803-9268-X