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NanoLund Funding

To enable cutting-edge nanoscience, NanoLund financially supports strategically important, and high-risk/high-payoff projects, as well as the development of new infrastructure and characterization techniques. At any one time, we support approximately 50 active projects.

Programs you can apply for at any time

For the following programs we offer a very, simple, fast process. Just drop us a note at any time and you will hear from us very soon.

  • New-technique fund.
    We financially support visits by NanoLund members to other labs to test, evaluate and learn novel characterization techniques.
    Applications can be submitted at any time during the year.
    Contact: LNCL coordinator Rainer Timm.

  • Research visits or mini-sabbaticals.
    We encourage international exchange, and offer financial support for visits with leading, international groups in nanoscience, available to both PhD students and senior scientists.
    Applications can be submitted at any time during the year.
    Read our policy for support by NanoLund for international research visits (PDF, 97 kB, new window)
    Contact: Anneli Löfgren.

  • High-impact publishing.
    Do you have an important result that you think should be published in one of the top journals in your field? Do you plan to apply for a prestigeous grant such as ERC or Marie Curie? Free to our members, we offer hands-on help from experienced editors with achieving the highest impact and visibility of your work.
    Contact: Anna-Karin Alm.

Annual calls

Strategic initiatives

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NanoLund Grants Office

We offer coordination support for applications that benefit all NanoLund.

We facilitate collaboration with industry & other external organisations

Each year, we organize a feedback session for researchers applying for VR grants.

Please contact:
Anna-Karin Alm
Gerda Rentschler