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Jan-Eric Ståhl

Jan-Eric Ståhl


Jan-Eric Ståhl

Nano graphite flakes as lubricant additive


  • Lanny Kirkhorn
  • Oleksandr Gutnichenko
  • Oleksandr Melnyk
  • Volodymyr Bushlya
  • Jan-Eric Ståhl

Summary, in English

The fundamental method of reducing friction and wear in metal to metal contact manufacturing processes like forging, extrusion, sheet metal forming etc. is based upon surface separation. The separation is usually obtained by adding different types of lubricants to the process. In this work, graphite nano platelets (GNp) powder has been used as a lubrication additive to explore and evaluate the influence on the frictional outcome. The xperiments have been performed utilizing laboratory test equipment based on strip drawing. Three different lubricant systems are tested ‘oil’, ‘oil-GNp’ and GNp only. The result clearly shows that the specific type of nano-graphite used has a favorable effect of reducing the frictional forces both in mixture with a base oil and as a standalone coating.


  • Production and Materials Engineering
  • SPI: Sustainable Production Initiative

Publishing year





Proceedings of the 6th Swedish Production Symposium

Document type

Conference paper


The Swedish Production Academy


  • Materials Engineering


  • Nano lubricants
  • Nano graphite
  • Friction measurement
  • Tribotesting

Conference name

Swedish Production Symposium, 2014

Conference date

2014-09-16 - 2014-09-18

Conference place

Gothenburg, Sweden