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Portrait of Jonas Tegenfeldt. Photo: Kennet Ruona

Jonas Tegenfeldt

Professor, Coordinator Nanobiology & Neuronanoscience

Portrait of Jonas Tegenfeldt. Photo: Kennet Ruona

A high-throughput deterministic lateral displacement device for rapid and sensitive field-diagnosis of sleeping sickness


  • Stefan H. Holm
  • Jason P. Beech
  • Michael P. Barrett
  • Jonas O. Tegenfeldt

Summary, in English

We present a simple and rapid microfluidic device capable of extracting and concentrating the parasite causing the fatal disease sleeping sickness (SS) from blood. The device is based on deterministic lateral displacement (DLD) and constructed with a single inlet with flow induced by an ordinary syringe. The simplicity is crucial as the device is intended for use in the resource depraved areas where the disease is endemic. With only one inlet an intricate design with multiple depths has been utilized to create a cell free stream from the blood plasma into which the parasites are forced and subsequently collected in a detection region. In order to maximize the sample volume up to 10 device layers were stacked on top of each other which resulted in a throughput of ∼10 μL/min. This allowed for an approximate time per test of below 15 min.


  • NanoLund
  • Solid State Physics

Publishing year







Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences, MicroTAS 2012

Document type

Conference paper


Chemical and Biological Microsystems Society


  • Biomedical Laboratory Science/Technology


  • Deterministic lateral displacement
  • High-throughput
  • Multilayered
  • Point-of-care
  • Separation science
  • Shape sorting

Conference name

16th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences, MicroTAS 2012

Conference date

2012-10-28 - 2012-11-01

Conference place

Okinawa, Japan




  • ISBN: 9780979806452