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Portrait of Jonas Tegenfeldt. Photo: Kennet Ruona

Jonas Tegenfeldt

Professor, Coordinator Nanobiology & Neuronanoscience

Portrait of Jonas Tegenfeldt. Photo: Kennet Ruona

Fabrication and characterization of a molecular adhesive layer for micro- and nanofabricated electrochemical electrodes


  • Marc Beck
  • Richard Bunk
  • E. Forzen
  • Jonas Tegenfeldt
  • T.G.I. Ling
  • Lars Montelius

Summary, in English

When making nanoelectrodes for applications in liquid cells it is plausible that the less noble metal layer may be negatively affected, i.e. it will be etched away leading to very unstable conditions during operation. Here we describe a dry method to produce such a molecular layer consisting of mercaptopropyltriethoxysilane (MPTS) making it possible to controllable and reproducibly form a covalently bound monolayer of MPTS to the SiO<sub>2</sub> surface. From Photoelectron Spectroscopy measurements we could conclude that the layer thickness corresponds to a monolayer. We have electrochemically characterized such electrodes by cyclic voltammetry. Furthermore, we have successfully patterned such layers at both micro- and nanometer scale showing the possibilities to fabricate chemically selective and active areas that may be used in various applications


  • Solid State Physics

Publishing year





7th International Conference on Nanometer-Scale Science and Technology and 21st European Conference on Surface Science

Document type

Conference paper


Lund University


  • Condensed Matter Physics


  • SiO<sub>2</sub> surface
  • covalently bound monolayer
  • mercaptopropyltriethoxysilane
  • molecular layer
  • dry method
  • etching
  • noble metal layer
  • liquid cells
  • nanoelectrodes
  • microfabricated electrochemical electrodes
  • molecular adhesive layer
  • nanofabricated electrochemical electrodes
  • Au
  • SiO<sub>2</sub>
  • chemically selective fabrication
  • photoelectron spectroscopy
  • electrochemical characterization
  • cyclic voltammetry

Conference name

Proceedings of 7th International Conference on Nanometer-Scale Science and Technology and 21st European Conference on Surface Science (NANO-7/ECOSS-21)

Conference date

2002-06-24 - 2002-06-28

Conference place

Malmö, Sweden