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Access and new user orientation

Our open research facility is available to academic research groups, as well as start-up and company users. We are equipped to guide you, step by step, in how to start using the Lund Nano Lab.

Photo of reflection looking into the cleanroom. Charlotte Carlberg Bärg

Lund Nano Lab introduction course

Academic, Myfab, Small/Medium Enterprise and Company User:

Required for all – apply on Laboratory Information and Management System (LIMS) homepage. Additional Information from Ivan Maximov

Attend an LNL introduction course and get access to LIMS

Academic, Myfab, SME and Company Users:

This is a requirement for all users (except those who already completed a corresponding introduction course at another Myfab entity).

The Lund Nano Lab Introduction course is a comprehensive training for how to work safely in the clean room environment at Lund Nano Lab. The schedule of the introduction course, typically held every month, is available on the home page of the Laboratory Information and Management System (LIMS), where new users can also apply to attend the Introduction course. Additional Information from Ivan Maximov.

Your LIMS account will be activated after attending the Lund Nano Lab introduction course.

Setup a Project for booking tools in LIMS

Academic and Myfab users:
Ask your supervisor for project details and inform Head of Laboratory, Luke Hankin. You cannot book tools without a project.

SME and company users:
Contact Head of Laboratory, Luke Hankin to set up a new project after a contract is signed.

Get tool-specific training and start booking tools

Academic, Myfab, SME and company users:
Individual tools are only available to book in LIMS after you have been authorized by the responsible tool owner. Contact the tool responsible (detailed in LIMS with the tool description) to arrange training. If in doubt, ask the Head of Laboratory, Luke Hankin.

What will it cost to book/use tools?

Access to the lab, some basic tools and common consumable materials are included in a monthly access fee. Tool usage is charged typically by the hour. The tool rate per hour depends on the type / complexity of tool and a consideration of the consumables.

Company users:
Company users are charged according to the standard tariff for tools (tool specific).

SME users:
SME users enjoy a discounted tariff structure for the first 2 years to help them get started. SME’s may also be eligible for units of free access via the Myfab National Access scheme.

Academic and Myfab users:
Academic users are eligible for tool rates that are further subsidised.

Contact Head of Laboratory, Luke Hankin, for up to date tool rates for your project and any other questions.

Get an ID Card for lab access

Academic and Myfab users:
You can use your LU or Myfab entity ID card. Cards will be activated for lab access after attending an LNL introduction course.

SME and Company users:
Contact Head of Laboratory for instructions on how to get a ”company’ ID card. Student ID cards are not acceptable.

Contract needed?

Academic and Myfab users:
Not needed for academic or Myfab users.

SME and company users:
A contract is needed for all external companies. Contact the Head of Laboratory, Luke Hankin, to arrange one.

Contact LNL/LIMS

Questions about the LNL introduction course?
Contact Ivan Maximov
+46 (0) 46 222 3185
e-mail ivan [dot] maximov [at] ftf [dot] lth [dot] se

For questions about the lab access fee and cost of equipment use:
Contact the Lab Head
Luke Hankin
luke [dot] hankin [at] ftf [dot] lth [dot] se

Lund Nano Lab
Division of Solid State Physics
Lund University
Box 118
Professorsgatan 1
Lund, Sweden