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Linke group

Current group


Dr. Jingyuan Zhu (network-based biocomputation)
Dr. Roman Lyttleton (single-molecule detection)
Dr. Yang Chen (photothermoelectric energy conversion in nanowires, theory)

PhD students

Jonatan Fast (photothermoelectric energy conversion in nanowires, experiment)
Ivan Unksov (artificial molecular motors and biosensing)
Pradheebha Surendiran (network-based biocomputation)
Patrik Nilsson (artificial molecular motors)

Master and Diploma students

Former group members

Former graduate students

Tammy Humphrey (PhD University of New South Wales, 2003)
Brian Long (PhD,  University of Oregon 2008)
Erin Craig (PhD, University of Oregon 2008)
Eric Hoffmann (PhD, University of Oregon 2009)
Preeti Mani (MSc, University of Oregon 2009)
Nathan Kuwada (PhD, University of Oregon 2010)
Natthapon Nakpathomkun (PhD, University of Oregon 2010)
Ben Lopez (PhD, University of Oregon 2010)
Jason Matthews (PhD, University of Oregon 2011)
Sofia Fahlvik Svensson (PhD, Lund University, 2014)
Mercy Lard (PhD, Lund University, 2014)
Cassandra Niman (PhD, Lund University, 2014)
Artis Svilans (PhD, Lund University, 2018)
Damiano Verardo (PhD, Lund University, 2018)
Frida Lindberg (PhD, Lund University, 2019)

Graduated Master students

Ruth Saunders (MSc, University of Oregon 2003)
Preeti Mani (MSc, University of Oregon 2009)
Johannes Gooth (Dipl. Phys., Hamburg University 2011)
Saiful Islam (MSc, Lund University 2012)
Mehri Baktash (MSc, Lund University 2012)
Jan Gluschke (Dipl. Phys., Hamburg University, 2014)

Former postdocs

Ann Persson (2006-2009)  
Gerhard Blab (2008-2009) 
Greg Gemmen (2008-2009) 
Martina Balaz (2009-2012)
Johanna Generosi  (2010)
Phillip Wu  (2010-2012)
Liselotte Jauffred (2014-2015)
Adam Burke (2014-2016) 
Anders Kyrsting (2016-2017)
Steven Limpert (2016-2018)


Former undergraduate researchers

Alex Sushkov (UNSW)
Matthew Francis (UNSW)
David Haskell (University of Oregon)
Laura Melling (University of Oregon)
Amanda Stout (University of Oregon)
Leif Karlström (University of Oregon)
Corey Dow-Hygelund (University of Oregon)
Benji Aleman (University of Oregon)
Mike Taormina (University of Oregon)
Ralf Müller (UNSW and University of Oregon)
Evan Sangaline (University of Oregon)
Tyler Hennon (University of Oregon)
... and many others


25 January 2020