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Portrait of Martin Leijnse; Photo: Kennet Ruona

Martin Leijnse

Professor, Member of NanoLund Management Group

Portrait of Martin Leijnse; Photo: Kennet Ruona

Single-electron transport in InAs nanowire quantum dots formed by crystal phase engineering


  • Malin Nilsson
  • Luna Namazi
  • Sebastian Lehmann
  • Martin Leijnse
  • Kimberly A. Dick
  • Claes Thelander

Summary, in English

We report electrical characterization of quantum dots formed by introducing pairs of thin wurtzite (WZ) segments in zinc blende (ZB) InAs nanowires. Regular Coulomb oscillations are observed over a wide gate voltage span, indicating that WZ segments create significant barriers for electron transport. We find a direct correlation of transport properties with quantum dot length and corresponding growth time of the enclosed ZB segment. The correlation is made possible by using a method to extract lengths of nanowire crystal phase segments directly from scanning electron microscopy images, and with support from transmission electron microscope images of typical nanowires. From experiments on controlled filling of nearly empty dots with electrons, up to the point where Coulomb oscillations can no longer be resolved, we estimate a lower bound for the ZB-WZ conduction-band offset of 95 meV.


  • Solid State Physics
  • NanoLund: Center for Nanoscience
  • Centre for Analysis and Synthesis

Publishing year





Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics)





Document type

Journal article


American Physical Society


  • Condensed Matter Physics




  • ISSN: 1098-0121