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Software resources for nanowire contacting and electrical measurements

How to make contacts to randomly placed objects?

Here I present an overview of the LabVIEW software I have developed that helps us to accurately and reproducibly fabricate contacts to nanowires randomly dispersed on a sample. It is used by many researchers working with transport measurements, transistor characterization, 4-probe measurements, Hall measurements, thermoelectric characterization etc.

Nanowire contact process

The figure series show some steps involved in the transfer and contacting process.

Below is a link to a pdf presentation (from Nordic Nanolab User Meeting 2022) where I explain our process for sample preparation based on the software, followed by a short video that demonstrates some functions of the software (which should have been played inside the presentation).

Video demonstration:


Software for electrical characterization and analysis

In the pdf document below, I give an introduction to the LabVIEW software that many of us are using for transport measurements in research and teaching. The idea behind the software is to have a simple and user-friendly interface that works in multiple settings, from sensitive transport characterization at mK temperatures, to various transistor metrics extraction.

front panel

A screenshot of the control panel in the measurement program.