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Career Opportunities

Kick-start your career in interdisciplinary nanoscience and nanotechnology

A key-success factor for NanoLund is our wide sharing of equipment that allows everyone – from doctoral students to new faculty – to access an incredibly wide range of capabilities within characterization, fabrication and modelling, from the day they start working with us.
NanoLund always welcomes applications from outstanding candidates for masters projects, doctoral studies or postdoctoral work.
Welcome with your application!

We offer:

  • a creative, world-class interdisciplinary research environment for fundamental and applied nanoscience
  • state-of-the-art infrastructure for the fabrication and characterization of nanostructures
  • a strong international nanoscience network
  • a highly regarded scientific education
  • internships in nanotechnology industry
  • intellectual property training
  • family-friendly living conditions and a high degree of social security
  • a competitive salary and full employment contracts for doctoral students and postdocs

Current vacancies in NanoLund research groups

All positions are regularly posted in the Lund University recruitment system. Vacancy announcements within NanoLund are listed below. To apply for a position, click the Login and apply button in the vacancy announcement, and you will be guided to the recruitment system.

We’ re hiring: PhD and postdoc positions in advanced materials research for sustainability at Lund University.

Topics include photocatalytic materials, high efficiency photovoltaics, replacement of rare elements with more abundant ones in functional materials. Apply for being part of frontline research that strives to improve the world and the human condition. We offer full-time employment in an open and inclusive research environment with an active community of PhD students and postdocs as well as access to a wide range of state-of-the-art capabilities within characterization, nanofabrication and modelling.

The positions are included in WISE graduate school, funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

Workplace will be Lund University, Lund, Sweden.

Descriptions of individual projects and application instructions:

Postdoc-project: Efficient Earth Abundant Aluminum Nanoplasmonics

Research group leader: Anders Mikkelsen

Read complete vacancy and apply online by 03 April 2023

Postdoc-project: Photocatalytic nanoparticles for potent antimicrobial effects in water purification

Research group leader: Emma Sparr

Vacancy closed - hiring in process

Postdoc-project: Nanowire-based, hot-carrier photovoltaics

Research group leader: Heiner Linke

Read complete vacancy and apply online by 27 March 2023

Postdoc-project: in-situ investigation of the dynamics of nickel phosphide formation and transformation

Research group leader: Kimberly Dick Thelander

Vacancy closed - hiring in process

Postdoc-project: Clay as a carrier for polyphosphate fertilizers in agriculture

Research group leader: Marie Skepö

Vacancy closed - hiring in process

PhD student-project: CO2 Fluidised Deep Eutectic Systems for Materials Processing

Supervisor: Karen Edler

Vacancy closed - hiring in process

PhD student-project: Development of a photocatalytic system based on iron for large-scale production of fuels

Supervisor: Kenneth Wärnmark

Vacancy closed - hiring in process

PhD student-project: Sustainable high efficiency multi-junction nanowire solar cells

Supervisor: Magnus Borgström

Vacancy closed - hiring in process

PhD student-project: Rare-earth-free exchange coupled nanocomposite materials for strong permanent magnets

Supervisor: Maria Messing    

Read complete vacancy and apply online by 27 March 2023

PhD student-project: Metal-semiconductor metamaterial for IR detection beyond the conventional limit

Supervisor: Mattias Borg

Vacancy closed - hiring in process

PhD student-project: Alkali-stable ionenes and membranes for sustainable hydrogen production

Supervisor: Patric Jannasch

Vacancy closed - hiring in process

PhD student-project: Covalent organic framework-based hybrid photo-catalytic system for efficient CO2 to fuel conversion

Supervisor: Tönu Pullerits

Read complete vacancy and apply online by 21 March 2023

Doctoral student in Physics within modelling of molecular motors

Coarse-grain modelling of protein motor designs and their expected performance. Development of software to examine the molecules in numerical simulations. The purpose of the PhD project is to guide the design of various types of motors, to develop understanding of how design details determine motor performance, and to guide interpretation of experimental measurements of the motors’ performance. In addition, the position may include fundamental studies of the stochastic thermodynamics of molecular motors.

Supervisor: Heiner Linke, Professor at Solid State Physics

Application deadline: 23 March 2023

Read complete vacancy and apply online

Postdoctoral position in single-molecule characterization of artificial protein motors

ArtMotor’s aim is to design, synthesize and characterise autonomous, artificial molecular motors based on proteins. The proteins will be developed and prepared by the collaboration partners Birte Höcker (University of Bayreuth, Germany) and Paul Curmi (UNSW, Sydney, Australia). Our role in the project is to support the design process, and to perform single-molecule experiments that show the protein motors motion.

Thus, the project´s research tasks are to:

  1. Develop fluorescence-based methods to detect individual steps of motors at nanometer-precision.
  2. Use this to optimize and characterize the motor while it moves along a defined DNA track.

Methods may include bioanalytical and biochemical methods, fluorescence microscopy, TIRF, microfluidics, surface modification, nanofabrication and image analysis.

Research group leader: Heiner Linke, Professor at Solid State Physics

Application deadline: 23 March 2023

Read complete vacancy and apply online


Would you like to have your vacancy posted here? Please send an e-mail to webmaster [at] nano [dot] lu [dot] se.