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Career Opportunities

Kick-start your career in interdisciplinary nanoscience and nanotechnology

A key-success factor for NanoLund is our wide sharing of equipment that allows everyone – from doctoral students to new faculty – to access an incredibly wide range of capabilities within characterization, fabrication and modelling, from the day they start working with us.
NanoLund always welcomes applications from outstanding candidates for masters projects, doctoral studies or postdoctoral work.
Welcome with your application!

We offer:

  • a creative, world-class interdisciplinary research environment for fundamental and applied nanoscience
  • state-of-the-art infrastructure for the fabrication and characterization of nanostructures
  • a strong international nanoscience network
  • a highly regarded scientific education
  • internships in nanotechnology industry
  • intellectual property training
  • family-friendly living conditions and a high degree of social security
  • a competitive salary and full employment contracts for doctoral students and postdocs

Current vacancies in NanoLund research groups

All positions are regularly posted in the Lund University recruitment system. Vacancy announcements within NanoLund are listed below. To apply for a position, click the Login and apply button in the vacancy announcement, and you will be guided to the recruitment system.

Doctoral position in physics with focus on characterization of protein-based artificial molecular motors

Work duties: develop and improve, based on fundamental biophysical principles, solutions to detect and control nanoscaled stepwise movements of passive motor-types. The long-term goal is to research motility of autonomous, ATP-driven motor types. The molecules are artificial protein motors and will be provided by collaboration partners.
More information about the ERC Synergy Grant ArtMotor

Thus, the project tasks are to

  1. Develop a fluorescence-based method to detect individual steps of motors at nm-scale precision,
  2. Use this to optimize and characterize the motor while it moves along a defined DNA track.

Methods may include bioanalytical and biochemical methods, fluorescence microscopy, TIRF, microfluidics, surface modification, nanofabrication, and image analysis.

The PhD position is in the research groups of Prof. Heiner Linke at the department of solid state physics and Assoc. Prof. Peter Jönsson at the department of physical chemistry, both at Lund University.

Personal page and contact: Heiner Linke, Professor at the Solid State Physics department
Personal page: Peter Jönsson, Assoc. Prof. at the department of physical chemistry

Application deadline: June 23, 2021

Read full vacancy announcement and apply

Post-doctoral position in theory of superconductor-semiconductor hybrid structures

Work duties: The project will focus on theoretical descriptions of semiconductor nanostructures with proximity-induced superconductivity and of the special bound states that appear in such systems, including both conventional Andreev bound states and topological Majorana bound states. In particular, we will explore the interface between the physics of superconductor-semiconductor hybrids and quantum thermodynamics. One aspect is to find ways to use the unique properties of superconductor-semiconductor hybrids for quantum thermodynamics studies, another aspect is to use quantum thermodynamic methods and protocols to investigate the properties of superconductor-semiconductor hybrids.

Contact: Martin Leijnse, Professor at the Solid State Physics department

Application deadline: prolonged until June 23, 2021

Read full vacancy announcement and apply



Would you like to have your vacancy posted here? Please send an e-mail to webmaster [at] nano [dot] lu [dot] se.