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Research Facilities

Running and developing research is one of the most important roles for NanoLund. We put great emphasis on sharing of equipment and resources, aiming to allow everyone to access a wide range of capabilities within characterization, fabrication and modelling.

Our facilities are run by two organizations:

Lund NanoLab (LNL) is the central, open-access nanofabrication facility, being one node of the Swedish National Infrastructure Myfab.

Lund Nano Characterization Labs (LNCL) is the umbrella organization for all de-centralized equipment run by individual NanoLund reserearch groups around campus.

NanoLund provides financial support in different forms, as described below, which contributes to well-functioning infrastructures and subsidized fees for users.

  • Annual Operational Support to our large open-access facilities Lund Nano Lab and nCHREM.
  • Expert staff, to achieve the highest level of sophistication in the use of the equipment, and in experimental and theoretical methods.
  • State-of-the-art equipment of strategic importance.

Information on how to access LNL, LNCL and nCHREM in the Facilities pages.

Information about Myfab (external webpage)

Please remember to acknowledge support from NanoLund and Myfab when you present results using Lund Nano Lab, and to acknowledge support from NanoLund when you present results using nCHREM.

Guidelines on how to acknowledge NanoLund (PDF, 112 kB, new window)