NanoLund is a truly cross-disciplinary research center, engaging in total more than 250 researchers from more than 20 divisions (in the Faculty of Engineering (LTH), the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Medicine). The research is organised into seven research areas that revolve around our three key resources Lund Nano Lab, Lund Nano Characterization Labs and Nanoeducation.

NanoLund is headed by a Board that has the overall responsibility for the Center, decides on allocation of funds, makes decisions about membership, and defines strategy and priorities. A Management Group is responsible for day-to-day management and long-term planning. Each research- and resource area has a coordinator and a co-coordinator, who have important roles in coordinating the activities and guiding the environment. The center is advised by an international Scientific Advisory Board and by an External Advisory Council from society, academia and industry.

Schematics to explain the organisation of NanoLund