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NanoLund: A Great Place to do Nanoscience

We strive to be an international, highly visible nanoscience center that offers exceptional scientific opportunities, training, and career development. We do this through a strong culture of openness and by offering access to an incredibly wide range of capabilities within characterization, fabrication and modelling. This is the place to be.

Our research environment

NanoLund is built on a high degree of collaboration between research groups that span multiple disciplines. As a competitive scientific environment, we recognize that we cannot be followers but must take scientific risk and continuously work to create new research themes based on our core competences. We place a high emphasis on safety in the work place and in our handling of nanomaterials.

At the Forefront of Nanoscience

NanoLund shall be at the forefront of pioneering new research directions and contributing to high-quality nanoscience and nanotechnology at the international level.

A Great Place to do Nanoscience

NanoLund aspires to be an open and creative environment that encourages collaboration, mutual inspiration and support, the sharing of knowledge and an open attitude, and that offers ideal opportunities for education and career development.

Coherent knowledge environment

As a Strategic Research Area, NanoLund is a cross-disciplinary, complete knowledge environment that encompasses and integrates education, basic and applied research, innovation, and commercialization.

Our core values

Our core values represent our joint vision of the culture we wish to have for NanoLund, and our view on how we can achieve this culture through our individual actions. They serve as a guide in making small and large decisions.


To us, openness is about being inclusive and welcoming of diversity of people and ideas. We work toward a safe environment of mutual trust and respect in which we can share and freely exchange ideas and knowledge to bring out the best in each of us. Only by being open can we be a great place to do nanoscience.


To us, enthusiasm is about inspiring and driving each other to being at the forefront of nanoscience. We approach our tasks with positive energy and commitment, and we encourage and enable each other to overcome challenges.


To us, being pioneering is about combining creativity with resourcefulness and excellence to pursue impactful nanoscience and nanotechnology for the future. To advance fundamental science and to address societal challenges, we explore new approaches, select the most promising ones, and aim for deep scientific understanding.

NanoLund History

2022 Launch of the LU profile area Light and Materia and the LTH profile area Nanoscience and Semiconductor Technology

2020 New strategic plan

2016 NanoLund forms a vision and starts strategic work for establishment at Science Village

2015 The Strategic Research Area becomes NanoLund, the Center for Nanoscience at Lund University

2015 The Strategic Research Area was evaluated as one of the top five Strategic Research Areas in Sweden

2009 Strategic Research Area selected by the Swedish Government

2007 Inauguration of Lund Nano Lab

2006 Linnaeus center and Linnaeus graduate school "Nanoscience and Quantum Engineering"

2005 Selected as one of Sweden's top 10 research environments in all areas of science by the Swedish Research  Council (VR)

2003 Starting the new education program Engineering Nanoscience (BSc and MSc)

1995 The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) funds the center "Nanoscience", which will be followed by other centers until 2012

1990 nmC funded jointly by NFR and NUTEK as a Materials Science Consortium program

1988 the Nanometer Structure Consortium (nmC) is initiated