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Light-matter interactions in nanoscale materials

The research area concerns light-matter interactions in nanoscale materials. The area includes experimental and theoretical research where electromagnetic radiation from microwaves to X-rays is used as a probe, generated or absorbed by the material. A broad range of methods is employed, from basic spectroscopic techniques to combinations of time- and spatially-resolved probes, and different phenomena are harnessed, such as absorption, photoluminescence, electroluminescence and scattering. Examples include studies of light-triggered exciton and charge carrier dynamics in variety of nanostructures, using X-rays for locally probing the structural or electronic properties of semiconductors and catalytic centers, investigations of photophysical properties of individual nanostructures, modelling of interaction between light and nanostructured semiconductors, as well as interactions in complex materials.

Illustration showing nano structures being studied
Nano structures studied with the help of time-resolved photoemission electron microscopy


The main aims

We aspire to be a hub for all NanoLund scientists involved or interested in research concerning light-matter interaction, where they can exchange ideas and find collaborations, recognise existing and lacking competences and capabilities. We aim at being a stimulating academic collegial environment to complement each other’s expertise in collaborative projects, as well as to identify educational needs of the area. “Photons” will also provide a supportive and open setting for the colleagues, who are at the beginning of their academic carrier to grow, in order to ensure NanoLund’s future competence and continuing progress in the field.

Topical meetings

Topic: Photons

Date: Fridays, bi-weekly

Time: 14:00-15:00 

Place: k-space 

Organizers: Donatas Zigmantas & Jesper Wallentin

People in the research area

People on the Photons e-mailing list