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Spin-off companies

We aim to use the unique opportunities offered by nanoscience and nanotechnology to help address societal challenges. We strive to do pioneering science, we support innovation, and are very proud of all the different companies spun out of NanoLund.

NanoLund's success in pushing technologies to market derives from the focus on synthesis, production and application of tailored nanostructures. These can then be used in various areas such as optoelectronics, for instance light-emitting diodes, solar cells and infrared detectors, or in life sciences for new micro fluidic devices or sensors for biomedical research and precision medicine.

Through its holding company, Lund University works operationally to bring innovations to the market, by becoming part owner of research-based companies, or helping to license research results to established companies. The holding company can contribute financially as well as operationally.

To the right we present a list of spin-off companies that originate from the NanoLund environment, including our students, expert staff and users of Lund Nano Lab.

One of the spin-off companies is Spermosens and in the video below, recorded at the NanoLund Annual Meeting 2020, Kushagr Punyani tells the company's story.

Swedish Association of Advanced Materials

NanoLund is engaged in Swedish Association of Advanced Materials (former SwedNanoTech), an independent membership organisation that works for the development and use of new materials.

Innovation support

NanoLund strongly supports the development of innovations including identification and protection of valuable intellectual property (IP).

Find out more about our support for innovations.

Companies from NanoLund

Links to LU Innovation for short description of the company, or directly to the company webpage.