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Talks from Annual Meeting 2020

The focus of the annual meeting 2020 was on nanotechnology solutions for life science problems featuring exciting talks and lively discussions. The format was a hybrid-meeting of sessions in the AF-borgen combined with streaming. Afterwards, the videos were edited and you can find them below.

Nanotechnology solutions for Life Science problems

The opening session started with an update by Heiner Linke, Director of NanoLund on the impressive achievements of the NanoLund members during the past year. Watch the video to see the highlights from different areas and how they contribute to the strategic aims of NanoLund.

Junior Scientist Ideas Award presentations

In the following videos, two post-docs and one doctoral student talk about their ideas that have won them the award together with a seedling grant of 100 000 SEK. The selection for this award is based on the Originality, Quality and Impact of the project as judged across all research areas of NanoLund. Projects for this award are selected among high quality proposals for novel research projects that can be submitted by all the PhD students and PostDocs at NanoLund. 

  • Egle Kelpsiene (Center for Molecular Protein Science): Gene expression as an indicator of the molecular response in freshwater organism Daphnia magna after chronic exposure to polystyrene nanoparticles.
  • Michael S. Seifner (Centre for Analysis and Synthesis): Controlled Crystallisation and Stabilisation of Metastable α-Sn on InSb Nanowires.
  • Ruben Seoane Souto (Solid State Physics): Transport signatures of odd-frequency superconductivity in superconducting nanostructures.

See also separate page for all awards given at Annual Meetings 2017-2020

Read more about Seedling projects on Funding page

Camilla Modéer, chosen in 2020 by LTH as Honorary Doctor: Excellence versus purpose – tradeoff or synergy?

Camilla Modéer's honorary doctorate lecture was part of the meeting.

Is there a conflict between, on the one hand, scientific excellence and on the other research utilization, collaboration with the business community and the civil society? Camilla Modéer's answer to that question is definitely ”no”. She argues that research utilization and the pursuit of the highest scientific level can strengthen one another.

The lecture included a panel discussion moderated by Jan Westberg, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

See also news article "Academia needs boosting the purpose perspective"

Bio-inspired Computing and computing enabling solving biology problems

  • Marcel Sayre (Functional Zoology): Comparative connectomics: unraveling the circuitry of a navigation center in the insect brain.
  • Robin Atle (Nano Electronics): Ferroelectric Tunnel Junctions for Neuromorphic Computation.
  • Patrick Potts (Mathematical Physics): The thermodynamic uncertainty relation: from quantum dots to molecular motors.
  • Jingyuan Zhu (Solid State Physics): Network Designing for Solving the 3-SAT Problem via Network-based Biocomputation.

Nano for precision medicine

  • Bao Dang Ho (Solid State Physics): High throughput separation of nano extracellular vesicles in electrokinetic microfluidic devices.
  • Jennifer Gilbert (Physical Chemistry): Drug delivery systems: Lipid nanoparticles using ionisable lipids.
  • Madeleine Petersson-Sjögren (Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology): Airspace Dimension Assessment (AiDA) with nanoparticles correlates with pulmonary hyperpolarized 129Xe Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Nanoscience addressing societal needs

  • Jakob Löndahl (Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology): Investigation of the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in aerosols.
  • Egle Kelpsiene (Center for Molecular Protein Science): Long-term exposure effects of polystyrene nanoparticles to Daphnia magna.
  • Jae Shin (Solid State Physics): Creating a next generation biosensor for early diagnostics.
  • Kushagr Punyani (Diagonal Pharma AB): From Lab Bench, To(wards) the Shelf – And the Inbetween.

Program Annual Meeting 2020