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Education for professionals

NanoLund works to share knowledge of nanoscience and nanotechnology with our community through different educational activities. Education for professionals can range from shorter seminars and workshops to tailored courses offered to companies, public authorities or non-governmental organizations.

Thus, a commissioned education can be either an already existing course or program, or it can be specially designed according to identified needs.

NanoSafety Course - Spring 2020

To promote knowledge exchange and enable network building, the course is open for PhD students and representatives from industrial and governmental sectors.

The aim of the course is to mediate knowledge of safe manufacturing and handling of engineered nanoparticles and of nanomaterials i.e. materials containing nanoparticles, in the perspective of human health and the environment. Aspects such as safety, important particle charcteristics, exposure- and emission assessment, nano-toxicology, precautionary principle, safe-by-design, human-technology interaction, risk assessment, risk management, risk communication, life cycle analysis, legislation and ethical aspects will be covered.

More details about the NanoSafety course and registration

For additional information please contact the course coordinator Christina Isaxon

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Terms & conditions

The course is arranged in collaboration with LUCE - Lund University Commissioned Education.

For more information regarding terms and conditions contact the project manager Victoria Rydengård (victoria [dot] rydengard [at] fsi [dot] lu [dot] se)

For more information regarding commissioned education at Lund University visit the Lund University Commissioned Education (LUCE) webpage