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Power and RF-electronics

The III-Nitride materials are considered a key technology in this area, enabling lower loss, improved performance and reduced costs in a wide range of applications, such as for efficient transformers, for electrical power transmission, and for electrical vehicle applications. To reach the full potential of the III-Nitride materials, the ultimate solution is to grow device structures on native bulk substrates, but GaN substrates are prohibitively expensive and AlGaN substrates are not available.

Project areas

Planar high-quality GaN wafers based on coalescence

We aim to develop III-Nitride device structures on low-dislocation-density Ga(Al)N wafers for vertical power devices in the medium to high voltage range (600 V - 5 kV and beyond). The Ga(Al)N wafers are made using a novel nanowire-based growth technique that transforms arrays of nanowires into planar layers with dislocations densities comparable to bulk material. This research is conducted in collaboration with Linköping and Chalmers Universities and in close interactions with spin-out companies Hexagem AB in Lund and SweGaN AB in Linköping. Efficient intentional n- and p-type doping will be developed, and device fabrication of both junction barrier Schottky diode and power switch device architectures will be explored. The main expected result is a cost-effective process for III-N based high power devices that enables a faster transition to efficient conversion, transport and utilization of electric power.

Key publications

Patent “Forming a Planar Surface of a III-Nitride Material" EP3437119A1, filed by Hexagem AB for protection of the technology.

Key faculty

Major projects

SSF-funded project EM16-0024
“Low-defect-density III-Nitrides for green power electronics”