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2012/2013 Nanoscience Colloquia

October 8 2012, Mon 15:15, Rydberg

Prof. Mark Ratner

Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University

Electronic Motions in Single Molecules and in Photovoltaics – Mechanisms and Mysteries


January 17 2013, Thu 10:15, k-space

Prof. Yi Cui

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University

Nanomaterials Design for Energy Conversion and Storage


April 18 2013, Thu 15:15, k-space

Prof. P. Daniel Dapkus

Center for Energy Nanoscience, University of Southern California

Nanostructures for Energy Device Applications


April 24 2013, Wed 13:15, k-space

Prof. Juan MR Parrondo

Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

The Maxwell Demon: A Personal View

Host: Heiner Linke, Jonas Johansson


June 13 2013, Thur 16:00, k-space

Prof. Eli Yablonovitch

University of California, Berkeley

The Opto-Electronic Physics Which Just Broke the Efficiency Record in Solar Cells