The ETEM setup at nCHREM. Photo: Daniel Jacobsson

The national Center for High Resolution Electron Microscopy (nCHREM) offers instruments and expertise for imaging, analysis and sample preparation for a wide variety of sample types. The Hitachi 300kV ETEM, pictured here, is an Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope. Inaugurated in 2018 and financed by the KAW foundation, the instrument provides in situ observations of semiconductor nanowire growth at atomic resolution. The microscope is also available for general projects that require in situ or high resolution capabilities.

nCHREM offers CryoTEM on a JEOL 200kV instrument including equipment for plunge-freezing of liquids and tomographic imaging. General studies employ a JEOL 300kV TEM and JEOL 30kV SEM (Scanning EM) which offer both imaging and EDX (energy dispersive X-ray) analysis. The facility is situated within the Chemical Centre (Kemicentrum) at Lund University. Specialist operators are available to assist with projects, funded in part by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.

Contact Prof. Reine Wallenberg (reine [dot] wallenberg [at] chem [dot] lu [dot] se).