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All over the place – NanoLund participated in the “Culture Night”

The backs of people showing off their muscles in t-shirts with the text ”NanoLund”.

Lectures, lab tours, Science Slam – and giving sneak peeks at MAX IV Laboratory Open Day. NanoLund and Solid State Physics were all over the place during the annual event ”Culture Night” (Kulturnatten).

This year NanoLund participated again in a joint effort with the Physics Department at Lund University in the annual Kulturnatten (”Culture Night”) event in Lund. Together with other Divisions, NanoLund/Solid State Physics offered fun demonstrations, popular lectures, lab tours, a quiz for kids, and a very popular Science Slam.

In addition, NanoLund contributed to MAX IV Open day where we presented our research in general, and gave specific examples of industry collaborations conducted at MAX IV and other large-scale research infrastructures.

Time to unveil some of the mysteries of the world of Physics.

Visitors, both adults and young children, got a fantastic opportunity to unveil some of the mysteries of the world of Physics, talk to scientists and PhD-students about their exciting research, take part in demonstrations, and enjoy a tour of Lund Nano Lab’s cutting-edge cleanroom facility.

Of special interest were practical experiments set up by different Divisions. For example, kids were fascinated to see bugs and other small objects at very high magnifications in the table-top scanning electron microscope, use a high-speed camera to watch how a water balloon pops in ultra-slow motion, and play with optics experiments to understand the properties of light.

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