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NanoLund Distinction Prize to Yen-Po Liu, Lukas Hrachowina, and Sven Dorsch

Photo collage of three people.
The first three NanoLund Distinction Prize awardees are (clockwise) Yen-Po Liu, Lukas Hrachowina, and Sven Dorsch.

The NanoLund Distinction is awarded to PhD students within the NanoLund environment who have shown particular dedication to research, education and outreach activities, have acquired broad knowledge within nanoscience research and its societal relevance and impact, and have demonstrated research independence and leadership.

Many PhD students within NanoLund go far beyond the typical requirements for a Swedish PhD degree. For this purpose, NanoLund created the NanoLund Distinction three years ago. Students that receive this distinction have participated in a canon of courses that qualify them to work safely with nanoparticles and nanotechnology and ensure a broad knowledge of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

These students have actively and successfully contributed to the mission of NanoLund in public outreach, have taken leadership roles and/or have made significant technical developments that can be used by a broad group of fellow scientists and students. These students also demonstrated innovative, independent, and often cross-disciplinary research.

– We are proud to announce that the first students now have passed this challenge and acknowledge their efforts with the first NanoLund distinctions, says Jens Uhlig, NanoLund Education coordinator and head of the committee who reviews all applications.

The first three NanoLund Distinction receivers are Yen-Po Liu, Lukas Hrachowina, and Sven Dorsch.

About the NanoLund Distinction Prize and how to apply for it