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Wanted: Center Coordinator for NanoLund

An exciting position as center coordinator at NanoLund is open for application. Are you a master of coordinating and managing? Do you have a strong interest in science, technological development and how it can be used in future society? Apply for the position as coordinator and get the chance to work at Sweden’s largest environment for nanoscience and nanotechnology!
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We are looking for a new center coordinator at NanoLund. This is a central position for NanoLund, and the coordinator will work closely with the Director and the Management group to support long-term planning and coordination of day-to-day activities within NanoLund.

About the position

As center coordinator, you will support and assist the Directors and the Management group with planning and documentation of the activities of NanoLund. You will work with coordination and investigations, and develop processes. You will work with documentation and reporting, and thereby contribute to quality assurance. You are an important contact person within and outside the center. You will work closely with other support functions within NanoLund, such as the communicator, grants office and administrator. 

About us

NanoLund, the Center for Nanoscience at Lund University, engages 55 research groups in the faculties of engineering, science and medicine. With more than 350 people involved and an annual turnover of 19 M€, we are Sweden’s largest research environment for nanoscience and nanotechnology.

The research spans from materials science and quantum physics to applications within electronics, photonics, biotechnology and medical technology, as well as nano safety. Our aim is to use nanoscience and nanotechnology to address societal challenges, e.g. towards a sustainable society and within precision medicine.

NanoLund is a value-driven organization with a distinct culture that influences the leadership structure, how we share information, how we develop our strategy and how we spend our resources. It is our ambition to be a Great Place to do Nanoscience: to be an international, highly visible nanoscience center that offers exceptional scientific opportunities, training, and career development. NanoLund builds on a strong culture of openness, enabling us to collaborate broadly and easily. Many of our projects that have the highest impact draw on expertise and excellence in multiple disciplines.  

Who are you?

You are very good at coordinating, managing and keeping track of things.
You have a relevant degree within science, engineering or medicine.
You enjoy interdisciplinary and international research environments and you are keen on working in teams.
You are enthusiastic about research, technological development and how it can be used in future society.

How to apply

Deadline for applications: August 19th, 2020. We look forward to receiving your application via the Lund University application management system VARBI:



Apply for the position

For more information, see the full announcement at:

NanoLund Center Coordinator

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Wanted: Center Coordinator for NanoLund

Wanted: Center Coordinator for NanoLund
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