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We’ve met again – a report from the Annual Meeting 2021

Photo of professor Vanya Darakchieva giving a keynote speech at NanoLund Annual Meeting
Vanya Darakchieva, professor of Solid State Physics, was one of the keynote speakers at NanoLund Annual Meeting 2021. Photo: Evelina Lindén

Finally, the NanoLund community could arrange for an annual meeting together at the same venue. The theme of the meeting was ”Light for Nano – Nano for Light”.

Every autumn, NanoLund celebrates scientific results by arranging a symposium on a specific focus theme, with invited talks by leading scientists, local presentations, and a large poster session on NanoLund research. Also invited are friends, collaborators, and associated institutions of NanoLund.

2021, the annual meeting was held on 12 October with 160 participants present and some 100 online. Program chairs Ivan Scheblykin and Jesper Wallentin had put together an exciting program. The program included invited and contributed talks on the topics:

  • Radiation from microwaves to visible light and X-rays to study the nanoworld
  • Generation and detection of radiation by nanodevices
  • Systems from semiconductors to nanoparticles and nanowires and biologically related objects

27 speakers including Anders Mikkelsen’s introduction, poster pitches, and presentations of Seedling Projects – also known as the Junior Scientist Ideas Awards. There were 47 posters from Materials Science, Quantum Physics, Nanoenergy, Nanoelectronics & Photonics, Nanobiology & Neuronanoscience, and Exploratory Nanotechnology.

After the talks, awards and prizes were delivered:

Junior Scientist Ideas Award

Anurag Kawde, Postdoctoral fellow, Lund Institute of Advanced Neutron and X-ray Science
Project title: Towards more efficient water splitting: Charge carrier dynamics in CdSe functionalized Si nanowire photoelectrodes
Yen-Po Liu, PhD student, Synchrotron Radiation Research &
Zhaojun Zhang, Postdoctoral fellow, Synchrotron Radiation Research
Project title: Temperature dependent optoelectronic properties studies on the suspending single CsPbBr3 device

Carina B. Maliakkal, Postdoctoral fellow, Centre for Analysis and Synthesis
Project title: In-situ TEM investigation of Stranski-Krastanov growth dynamics

Young Teacher Award

Jonatan Fast, Ph.D. student, Solid State Physics
Linnéa Lindh, Ph.D. student, Chemical Physics

Excellent Support Award

Anastasiia Anastasis, Research administrator, Solid State Physics
Daniel Madsen, Research engineer, Centre for Analysis and Synthesis

Poster Award

Anette Löfstrand, PhD student, Solid State Physics
Poster title: Bottom-up meets top-down: directed self-assembly for III-V nanowire devices.
Lukas Wittenbecher, PhD student, Synchrotron Radiation Research
Poster title: Imaging the ultrafast hot electron relaxation in InAs nanowires.
Rousan Debbarma, Postdoctoral fellow at Solid State Physics
Poster title: Effects of parity and symmetry on the Aharonov-Bohm phase of a quantum ring.