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Create Calendar Events

This is a short guide on how to create calendar events and how to edit the calendar events that you have created.

Create new event

Log in using your Lucat ID on

1. In the "Content" menu, select "Add content" and then "Event". You may have to press "Manage" to see the "Content" menu.


How to add create a calendar event

2. Choose language: please note that this is the language for the calendar entry, not the event itself. As the NanoLund page is in English, you always need to choose English.

Screensshot of language selection field

3. In the text field "Title", write the main heading of the event (mandatory).

Scrrenshot of title field

4. In the "Add Media"-field you can add a picture/video to the event.

Screenshot demonstrating how to add media to an event page

Press "Add new or existing media" to add files. You can either add new files or re-use already uploaded files from the website library or your personal library. In case you would like to add a Youtube video, you do not need to use the embed-link, it is ok to just use the link of the Youtube page for the video. 

Please keep in mind to choose pictures in landscape format instead of portrait, otherwise it will take a lot of room on the page.

Screenshot demonstrating how ot add media to a calendar event

5. In the field "Lead" you can provide an introduction.

Screenshot to demonstrate how to add a Lead for calendar events

6. In the text field "Body", provide a description of the event (mandatory). Remember that you can also include links, images and media in this field.

Screenshoty to demonstrate how to edit an event body text

7. Under "Event details", add start and end time as well as place and contact. If there is no physical place for the meeting, you can put Zoom in the location-field. 

Screenshot to demonstrate how to edit the details of an event

8. Extra information: it is voluntary to fill those fields, e.g. if you wish to give the GPS position of an event or if there is an admission fee. Only used fields will be shown on the published event page. 

Screenshots of the fields for extra information that can be given for events

  9. Category: here, you can choose from the drop-down menu, e.g. student event or colloquium

Screenshot of dropdown menu of event categories

10. Secondary category: currently not used for the NanoLund website

Screenshot of editing field for secondary category for events

11. Scheduling options: you can use these fields in case you do not want to publish an event immediately but at a later date instead.

Screenshot of editing field for scheduling options

12. You can get a preview of the calendar entry before publishing.

13. Click on "Save" to publish the event. It will be immediately published, unless you have used the scheduling options. Please note that it can take up to 15 minutes for new events to be visible for external visitors.


Edit your previously published event

You can add information to the events that you have created. It is also possible to delete an event. 

Log in using your Lucat ID on

On the starting page, click on "More events"

Screenshot ro demonstrate how to find more events

Search for the event in the list and click on the title.

For the events that you have created, you can click on the edit button. 

Screenshot to demonstrate how to edit existing events

Follow steps above to edit the event.

In case you need to delete the event, click "Delete"

Screenshot of buttons to save, preview or delete an event