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Create Calendar Events

This is a short guide how to create calendar events and how to edit the calendar events that you have created.

Create new event

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1. In the "Content / Innehåll" menu, select "add content / Lägg till innehåll" and then "Event / Händelse".

Screenshot Calendar Events step 2

2. In the text field "Title / Titel" (A), write the main heading of the event (mandatory).

3. In the field "Lead / Ingress" (B), provide an introduction

4. In the text field "Body / Beskrivning" (C), provide a description of the event (mandatory). Remember that you can also include links, images and media in this field.


How to create calendar events step 3

5. In the field "Time / Datum", indicate the time of the event. You can choose between start and end date, and whole day (Visa slutdatum).

Calendar events: add time and date

6. In the text field "Location", indicate where the event is to take place.

7. In the drop-down menu "Category", select the type of event (mandatory).

8. In the field "Contact", provide the email address of the contact person for the event.

Calendar events: place, category and contact



9. In the field "Media", provide the main image for the event (optional). One event can include serveral images.

Calendar events: include media

Publish the event

10. Click on "Save / Spara" to publish the event


Edit your previously published event

You can add information to the events that you have created. It is also possible to delete an event. 

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Click on Calendar to get to the entire calendar

Screenshot secondary navigation 

Search for the event in the list and click on the title.

For the events that you have created, you can click on the edit button. 

Screenshot edit calendar events; Note: works only for the events that you have created


Follow steps 2. - 10. above.

In case you need to delete the event, click "Radera/Delete"



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