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Programs & Funding

NanoLund’s research groups are grateful for support from a wide range of national and international funding agencies who enable our interdisciplinary environment to perform research at the highest international standard.

Research at NanoLund is supported by a wide range of sources, including funding from Lund University and national and international external grants awarded to individual researchers and research groups. A key source of support for the environment as a whole is the Strategic Research Area for nanoscience and nanotechnology awarded by the Swedish government.

About 15% of our total funding is specific funding for NanoLund being a Strategic Research Area. Additional faculty funding from Lund University corresponds to about 25%. The remaining funding are individual grants raised by NanoLund members. Some of our major funding bodies are the Swedish Research Council, the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, and the European Commission’s Research and Innovation Activities including ERC. For a full list of funding organizations, see the list attached to this text. The numbers in the pie chart are in MSEK (1 million Swedish kronor).

The funding included in the chart is weighted according to the researcher’s participation in NanoLund. 

Pie chart of funding sources for NanoLund in 2018.
Of the funding sources for NanoLund in 2018, 49 MSEK are coming from Lund University, 29 from NanoLund Strategic Research Funding, 39 from Swedish Research Council, 28 from EU including ERC, and 11 from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.
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Funding organisations

Researchers within NanoLund attract funding from the following organizations (the links below goes to the organization's own web sites):