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Neuronano AB approaching the clinical phase

Photo of a man and a logotype saying ”Neuronano”.
Jens Schouenborg is the founder of Neuronano AB, and a professor of neurophysiology at Lund University and leads the research at LU’s Neuronano Research Center. Photo: Tove Smeds

Neuronano AB – a med tech company spun out of NanoLund and the Neuronano Research Center (NRC) – recently issued new shares, according to the news service Rapidus. 20 MSEK are taking the company closer to the clinical phase.

Treating diseases with biocompatible electrodes small enough to leave as little imprint on the brain tissue as possible – that’s the business concept for Neuronano AB. The first application, now being tested on animals, will reportedly soon begin clinical trials on humans. The aim is to treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

“The big problem in this type of brain research is the side effects. The method involves activating the right part of the brain, which is made up of very complex systems. If you stimulate too roughly, you also activate areas that cause side effects. At the same time, you can’t know in advance exactly where to stimulate, plus-minus one millimeter is a lot in this context,” says Neuronano founder Jens Schouenborg to Rapidus, who was first on reporting the new issue.

According to the Swedish Companies Registration Office, Neuronano recently closed a rights issue of almost SEK 20 million before issue costs. The Karlshamn-based innovation group Cimon and Länsförsäkringar Kristianstad, Blekinge, and Göinge are among the financiers.

The Neuronano Research Center (NRC) is a cross-disciplinary research and innovation center at Lund University, headed by Dr Jens Schouenborg. NRC presently involves researchers from the Faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Science and is located at Medicon Village in Lund.