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Nanoelectronics & Nanophotonics

Electronic and photonic devices are at the heart of the modern information society. We aim to use advanced controlled nanostructures to demonstrate novel devices as well as to improve and refine conventional devices. A focus is on nanowires. This research area complies with the goals of the More than Moore concept.


Nanoelectronics Delta Ridge spacers; false coloured SEM photo


High performance electronics are designed and implemented on the nanoscale. Smaller device geometries leads to higher operation frequencies, larger small signal gain and better packing density. We explore transistors close to the atomistic limit to implement high performance electronics devices for radio frequency (RF) and computation.

Light-matter interaction

At the nanoscale, light interacts with matter in novel ways. There are many ways to affect the way light and matter interacts by designing suitable nanostructures. We investigate both how to understand the nanostructures on a quantum level as well as how to control light using nanostructures. Is it possible to improve optical devices using nanostructures? Can we go down and see exactly how nanostructures look?

Topical meetings

Topic: Optical physics and photonics

Date: Fridays

Time: 14:00-15:00 

Place: k-space 

Organizers: David Alcer &Aditya Saxena

Topic: Nitride

Date: Tuesdays

Time:  08:30-09:30

Place:  k-space (Physics building)

Organizer:  Zhaoxia Bi

Area coordinators